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Let us introduce you to ColiClenz+, a cutting edge Macrobiotic designed to clean the entire digestive system and provide a new level of freedom for you and your horse. What's more, it is achieved in only five doses per year.

Health Care for your horse just got a whole lot easier. Control tested at an equine university, ColiClenz+ is formulated to provide the horse with an approximate 8% protein feed ration and required levels of vitamins and minerals. And because ColiClenz+ works with your horse's system to optimize digestion, you will have less feed to buy and more money to spend on enjoying your horse!

When using ColiClenz+, make sure your horse has plenty of fresh clean water available.



ColiClenz + Pellets - a Psyllium Husk ProductHow many times have you as a responsible caring horse owner struggled through an episode of colic or other life threatening digestive illness with your horse? Have you wondered:

  • Whether to medicate?
  • If walking will do the trick?
  • if you should withhold food and/or water?
  • most significantly will your horse be all right?

These questions and concerns can certainly weigh you down and put significant limitations on your family's ability to enjoy your horse. What, then, if there was a proven method of invalidating vital digestive organ ailments in your animal?
A Carefully Rationed Natural Source of Dietary Fiber for Horses

With ColiClenz+ you can enjoy

  • freedom from worry about life-threatening colics and other serious equine digestive illnesses, including dorsal colitis, laminitis and ulcers.
  • freedom from the heavy financial burden of caring for a chronically ill horse.
  • freedom from worries about feed rations, knowing ColiClenz_ provides the best economy for your feed bill.

ColiClenz+ is the superior Psyllium Husk Product, easy and safe to feed, easy to digest, pleasant to your horse's palate, all natural and organic

While adding all these advantages to you and your hrose, ColiClenz+ also eliminates a few things: sand in the digestive system; indigestible material; and toxic and bacterial overload.

ColiClenz+also appeals to the horse's natural instincts, with ingredients that he would choose-given the option - in a free feeding pasture. Not only will he gravitate toward it, but after taking ColiClenz_ your horse's general condition will improve, resulting in clearer eyes, improved coat, better behavior, stronger, healthier hooves with clean coronet bands, reduced urine and manure odors.


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"I was skeptical at first... now finally, a product that does what you said it would do!"

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